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The buffet prepared by my father for His Royal Highness Prince of
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To 350 meters from the limpid and fishy waters of the Marecchia river, IL CASALONE, is the fruit of the careful conservative restoration of the “ castrum sancti paterniani” documented since 1264.
The particular forest gastronomy, the business truffle-growing, the didactic hall, the publications, the rural library, the historical archive of family Tocci and the guided visits, make “Il Casalone” the place where farm holidays becomes sylviculture holidays.
Sylviculture holidays = a reproducing pause to the discovery of the wood and his incomparable tastes.


What we offer you is a very excellent and  particular forest gastronomy, I yield  of a twenty-year work of research and experimentation driven from the doctor Augusto Verando Tocci (director of the experimental institute for sylviculture of arezzo) with his wife Luisa and his daughters Cristiana and Maria Teresa(the last one is the director of “il casalone”)

Promonitory, in the transmission of Linea verde (national Italian television), of the employment of bys-product of the forest in kitchen, the doctor Tocci has in the time elaborated and published hundred of culinary recipes, of which today we can introduce you the tasting.

All these innumerable and very original recipes have some fundamental characters in common.

These characters are extremely meaningful to understand the particularity of our cooking and they can be abbreviated in this way:

GENUINENESS = Coming from the biological cultivations of the company and the business woods the products we use DO NOT KNOW manures and pesticides.

HOME GROWN = Made exception for oil and wine, however of Tuscany origin, all the products used in the kitchen are local, or rather they come from our earth.

Infact the particular Badia Tedalda zona, where they do not grow olives, screws and chestnuts is exceptionally supplied with the precious gastronomic fewels, being area of production of the precious white truffle,  of the pig mushrooms, of the well-known bovine Chianina race meat,which is, produced and sold in the place.

CYCLE OF SEASONS = It is  obvious that a forest gastronomy must conform itself at the cycle of seasons, characterizing the menus in function of what are the productions of the woods, the undergrowth and the business cultivations.

RECOVERY OF  TRADITIONS = Our cooking never neglects the ancient gastronomic traditions of Badia Tedalda and the Alta Valmarecchia on the contrary emphasizes them with the typical home-made “pasta” (tagliatelle, gnocchi e ravioli) and with the typical medieval dishes (l’agliata, il pancristiano, e il migliaccio al latte)

FANTASY AND CREATIVITY = From a solid base of experience, are fantasy and creativity, the elements that make our proposal only.

So, as an example, a common flower, “the Tarassaco”, can be trasformed in a bred’s sauce; in the same way the fruits of wild kiwy and of spiny olivello can be trasformed in one optimal and energetic drink.

In conclusion, our gastronomy is original,genuine, simple but also poor… and appreciated also from the real ones…..(in the photo: doctor tocci with Prince Carl during his recent visit in Tuscany)

Crostini al pisciacane

Tartine ai fiori di malva

Frittata con scaglie di tartufo

Nidi di dolcezza al lampone

Il Dr. Augusto Tocci assieme al Principe Carlo durante la sua recente visita in Toscana

La tavola imbandita per l'occasione

Uno dei menu proposti in questo periodo dell’anno:

Crostino al pisciacane
Crostino con le “trombette dei morti”
Crostino al tartufo
Libum di Catone
Tortino con tartufo di stagione
Migliaccio al latte della Valmarecchia
Assaggio di agliata
Minestra di bardana
Tagliatelle d'ortica al tartufo
Bocconcini di cinghiale con salsa di crognole
Quaglia nostrale al ginepro
Pomodori ripieni e patate al forno
Budino di lamponi
Crema bianca con marmellata di ribes
Sangue di more
Liquori ai frutti di bosco
Chardonnay Terrae Toscanae
Chianti Torre dei Pazzi
Buon Appetito!

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